Farewell suburbia, hello townships

So tomorrow is finally the day to fly to South Africa. Have tried to avoid getting caught up in World Cup Fever but it’s now become an irresistible centrifugal force, sucking up the collective attention of an entire planet.

Will try to give an ordinary fan’s perspective of what it’s like being at the World Cup. Not staying in any fancy 5 star resorts, most of the time using University Campus accomodation which is a great deal (~ 55 pounds per night).

When I reflected on what I was looking forward to most, the surprising answer was not the football itself. Sure it’s fantastic seeing so many high quality games of football condensed into only a few weeks but to be honest if you just want to watch the football then being down the pub or even at home is already great fun.

What makes the World Cup so much fun is the people you meet as you travel round. This will be my 5th World Cup & the best memories are meeting groups of like minded people; sporting enthusiasts but also travellers who are curious to see what a country has to offer.

Maybe it won’t be as easy to traverse S. Africa as some of the last tournaments which were blessed with fantastic high speed rail links but am sure the sheer diversity of flora, fauna & geography will more than make up for it.

and finally…some wishes and predictions


  1. Bafana Bafana do well & at least make the knockout stages – would LOVE England to play them in Qtr Finals
  2. England find a more original way of finishing their tournament than a missed penalty kick
  3. All the Everton players avoid injury
  4. Tim Howard & Landon Donovan do well against England on Sat but end up on the losing side


  1. When all the dust has settled on July 11th, a country will have won the trophy for the first time – The Netherlands
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5 Comments on “Farewell suburbia, hello townships”

  1. Ian Says:

    Take care mate – don’t wander the streets alone at night…..

    I will read your blog with my normal attendance and reply with wit and distain

  2. DD Says:

    Woah! You’re blogging! Welcome to Web 1.0 😉

    Seriously, look forward to following this blog. I’ve always thought you’d be a great writer. This first post holds promise!

    How about some questions on your blog for people to answer.

    For example, “Who will be the first England player to be sent off during the World Cup 2010”?

  3. North American Norbert Says:

    Don’t forget your bug spray. It sounds like there are plenty of insects in the stadium.

    P.S. and your jogging gear!

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