Ghana vs Serbia

What an absolutely fantastic day !

This was the perfect antidote to the disappointment of Rustenburg. Pretoria was a lovely town, the stadium was excellent and the organisation was superb (it was like night and day, in fact come to think of it, it was night and day)

It’s often more fun going to see a game as a neutral. There’s no tension, you can just relax and enjoy the occasion.

This was a veritable kaleidoscope of humanity. People of all shapes, sizes, colours, allegiances. There were plenty of Serbia and Ghana fans but there were loads of neutrals as well (Irish, Scots, Danish, Dutch, Mexican you name it)

I’m still not a big fan of the vuvuzelas but at least here we had a few people who could use them properly. The noise was quite deafening and the hottest selling item outside the ground was earplugs. The guy from Joburg and his son sitting next to me actually had those huge ear cancelling earphones on…

The game itself wasn’t much to write home about. Ghana probably desrved to win and played some nice football but what made the day an absolute gem was the crowd. Usually when you have a Mexican wave starting in the 1st half it’s because it’s a crap game. This wasn’t the case in Pretoria, it was purely a joyous explosion of intent. Watching all the fans rise and wave in unison was awe inspiring; a coursing river of colour.

At Rustenburg I had wondered if FIFA / Blatter had got it right awarding the tournament to S. Africa. Before we had even reached half time in Pretoria it had proved itself a truly inspired decision.  I can only imagine what it must be like to be at a Bafana Bafana game…

Pretoria host city rating (out of 10) – 8

Pretoria food rating outside the stadium (out of 10) – 7 (great selection of stalls selling home cooked food, had a delicious hot dog where you could actaully taste the sausage, def not like Central park)

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