The Nearest Faraway Place

Those people travelling round S. Africa who have time to spare usually head off to Kruger Park for safari. Trips are meant to be superb and people usually take 3 days, 5 days, a week or even more.

If you’re on a tight schedule then you can get a great ‘quick fix’ of seeing animals up close including the Big 5 at Pilanesburg (2 hours from Joburg).

If like me you’re on a World Cup schedule and are having to compress multiple sightseeing options into just 1 day then there is a Rhino & Lion nature reserve called “The Nearest Faraway Place” literally just down the road from Sterkfontein caves.

You can see and play with lot’s of different animals (tigers, leopards, jaguars etc. etc.) but the biggest thrill was def seeing some lions roaming wild. Corbus was my driver for the day and his father had been a ranger at Kruger Park so they’d lived there for many years.

Corbus was quite happy to get close (look at the photos to see how close) but the funniest thing was the car in front of us. Full of young, testosterone driven Mexican fans. They wound their window down and were busy leaning out to take better photos.

Corbus drily recounted a few tales of tourists who had stood on top of their vehicles or leant too far out of car windows to get that once in a lifetime photo, only to find an arm missing or worse, as the lion sprang into action. We kept our windows closed.

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