A new world order ?

The World Cup is a gigantic event today with a worldwide TV audience in the billions (I would hazard that the final has a higher rating than the Olympics). It wasn’t always this way though. England didn’t deign to enter the competition at all until 1950 and many large footballing nations didn’t enter the early competitions (they have been going since 1930).

It is well established now though and countries, like for the Olympics, are desperate to host the event. From 1990 onwards the World Cup was in

  • 1990 – Italy
  • 1994 – USA
  • 1998 – France
  • 2002 – Japan / Korea
  • 2006 – Germany

These are all economic powerhouses and members of the developed world / old economic order (with the possible exception of Korea but since the 2002 final was in Japan I’ll conveniently ignore them).

It is obvious that the world is changing quickly. The effects of globalisation have been profound over the past couple of decades and will only become more pronounced.

It’s a well known joke in banking circles and probably in other global companies that if you’re looking for an international assignment in future the answer will probably be one of these 4 ‘ais’

  • Dubai
  • Mumbai
  • Shanghai or
  • Bye Bye

Economists have talked for some time about the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India & China) as the powerhouses of future world growth.

As BRIC becomes old hat I have recently heard talk of the CIVETS as the next tier of nations. Specifically they are; Columbia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey & South Africa. All countries with fast growing economies and also young populations, something that is striking here in South Africa and in stark contrast to most developed countries.

Let’s now apply our understanding of BRIC and CIVETS as the emerging powers and apply that to World Cup hosting

  • 2010 – South Africa
  • 2014 – Brazil (have a look on a map how close Sao Paulo is to Cape Town. There’s only a large puddle in between them)
  • 2018 – Russia (this will not be announced by FIFA until Dec this year but I am sure Russia will win. England have a strong case in terms of football but this is politics and Russia is an emerging superpower)
  • 2022 – China or Australia – speculation on my part but likely to be an Asian country and the pull of having it in China may prove irresistible even though Australia, like England for 2018, have strong pedigree 

The world is changing and with it too the most global of all games; football. This is positive. It just means if you live in the old world, you’d better be ready to cash in those Airmiles…

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