Star Watch (Part I)

It’s one of the joys of the World Cup that you get to rub shoulders with the greats of the sporting world. I’ll never forget these sporting highlights from previous World Cups

1) Sitting at the next table to Arsene Wenger & Gilles Grimandi at a railway station in France ’98. My French is a little patchy but I think Arsene was saying to Gilles (who is now a scout at Arsenal)

– I only want French players, they have to be able to eat escargots

– they have to be less than 20 years old and be unabale to tackle or defend

2) Being in the same hotel bar as Graham Taylor (legendary England manager) and hearing him complain to the barman about his cocktail “excuse me barman, do I not like that”

Now, fast forwading to 2010 the stars are coming thick and fast. Check it out:

1) The Namibian U-17 team stayed at the same university campus as me in Joburg

2) I met and even talked to a GMTV cameraman at the check in to a flight from Joburg to Cape Town

3) I met a guy in a bar in Cape Town who had met Bruce Grobelaar that afternoon. Apparently Brucie baby is doing a stint for Norwegian TV at the moment. Expect to see Robbie Earle there soon…

Yes folks, it’s real mixing with the stars in South Africa. As soon as I get back to England am sure I’ll be contacted by that well known reality TV show “you’re a complete loser who no-one can remember from before and you’re willing to make a complete knob of yourself just to get an extra nanosecond of infamy’

I can’t wait

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