Cape Town architecture

I had wanted to visit Robben Island on Sat but all the tickets were sold out for the forseeable future (England fans looking for a pied a terre for Robert Green perhaps).

So instead I just decided to wander round Cape Town and take photos of interesting stuff. Serendipity rode to the rescue though and over the course of the afternoon it gradually evolved into a home made, highly enjoyable architectural stroll.

Lot’s of lovely colonial buildings with many a story to tell, some of them quite moving. The variety of stone used in construction of the various buildings is quite striking, no monolithic grey concrete jungle here. I would guess many were limestone but some look like sandstone and some presumably are home grown Cape granite.

What piqued my interest the most though were the number of Art Deco touches. There were more examples here that I’d see walking the streets of London. Couldn’t find anyone to explain why but I’d love to know. Favourite example was the caption picture for this post. An exquisitely beautiful optometrists somewhere in the middle of town.

The more I see of Cape Town the more I like it. This is no superficial thin veneer of purely physical attraction (oh look there’s Table Mountain, let’s take a photo and go). No, this relationship has substance. Am already planning a family holiday…

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